Eco Clean is an eco-friendly and safe Vegetable, Fruit, Meat and Fish cleaner. It is a 100% food ingredient product and eliminates pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, wax and preservatives from the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Eco Clean can be used as a food additive, preservative and as a disinfectant.


Revolutionary Food Technology for Better and Healthy Future – Naturally


100% natural material

99.9% removal of bacteria

100% no-chemical process

99.9% eco-friendly sterilization

Increase of shelf-life

Upcoming Products

Baby Products Cleaner

Poultry Farm Cleaner

Why Us?

• Only 1 Raw Material i.e. edible calcium as compared to multiple ingredients in all the other liquid based cleaners

• 100% safe and organic, FDA approved raw material and FSSAI certified product

• Can be used to clean / sterilize meat, fish, rice, paneer, baby products, kitchen appliances

• The after-cleaning solution can be used to water plants and increases their growth

• Increases freshness and shelf-life of the produce


We have been using Eco Clean for many months and it helps in cleaning all the pesticides, chemicals and bacteria from vegetables and fruits.

Ajit Nair

“I have been using Eco Clean to clean fruits / vegetable & groceries. You can see visible residue on top upon use, leaving the produce free from pesticides, harmful wax etc. The best part is it doesn’t have any after taste or smell or foam unlike other soap based products.”

Payal Ravish